Bills and Related Legislative Policy Work



Most policy work in Augusta happens between January and June, and in committees.  Most recently I served as House Majority Leader and as House Chair of the Joint Select Committee on Maine’s Workforce and Economic Future, a special committee established to move Maine’s economy forward.  Before that, I served as the Democratic Lead member on the Joint Standing Committee on Taxation, as Assistant Majority Leader, and as a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Utilities and Energy.

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My Office

As Majority Leader, my job was to lead a caucus of 89 House Democrats, as well as three Unenrolled members who caucus with us.  I also moved key legislation forward on the floor of the House.  Finally, I hired and oversaw the staff who make up the House Democratic Office. You can learn more about this office here.

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I am proud of the bills I have sponsored to improve Maine for us all.  Most have passed with bipartisan support.  A few have been considered first-in-the-nation or have won awards.

To read the text, amendments and disposition of each item I have sponsored in my time as a Maine legislator, visit the Maine Legislature advanced bill search page.  Search under any of the legislative sessions in which I served (126th to 123rd).  Then choose Sponsored by “Rep. Berry of Bowdoinham.”  To see only bills I sponsored, check “Prime sponsor only.”  Or leave it unchecked to see all bills I cosponsored as well.

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