House District 55

As a state legislator I am proud to represent House District 55:  Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Richmond, and Swan Island, also known as the Unorganized Territory of Perkins Township.  One of the most rural districts in Congressional District 1, our area is home to beautiful Merrymeeting Bay, the confluence of six tidal rivers to form an unique inland delta; to numerous organic farms; to upstanding working families, seniors and middle class folks who care for their community; and to schools recognized for their efficiency and effectiveness.

House District 55 is also home to a growing number of businesses and volunteer groups helping to build community and keep our dollars here at home.  By shopping at the local farmers’ market or farmstand, learning self-sufficiency at Long Branch School, taking an old chair from the Recycling Barn to the local upholsterer, volunteering at the food pantries in Bowdoin, Bowdoinham or Richmond, or putting on a concert, fair, or plant sale, my neighbors act to strengthen our local economy and quality of life.

An increasing number of local businesses such as FHC, Shucks Lobster, and Kennebec River Biosciences, where I serve as Vice President, are bringing dollars into our state by selling goods and services beyond Maine’s borders.  What shipbuilding and ice harvesting once were to this area in the 1800s, these export business are to us today.

House District 55 blends the strong Maine tradition of self-reliance and thrift with our equally strong tradition of enterprise and ingenuity.  Maybe I’m biased, but I think there’s no better place on earth.