Moving Maine Forward – Putting People First

My basic goals as your legislator have not changed since the day you first elected me.  They are:

1. Jobs, Jobs, Jobspollenation
Investing in businesses, innovation and Maine’s future workforce

  • Retain and attract young talent with statewide, high-speed internet
  • Build on the unique skills, resources and heritage of our region
  • Support education to prepare Maine’s future citizens, workers, and leaders

2. Affordable Health Care
Increasing access to quality health care for every Mainer

  • Pay for primary, preventive care and healthy behaviors
  • Protect Mainers from greed and profit-taking in our health system
  • Move toward universal coverage & collective buying power

3. Responsible Fiscal Management
Recovering from the recession without mortgaging the future

  • Fix the leaky roof: Cut costs only where long-term savings will result; not where it will cost more later on!
  • Continue to balance the budget and keep debt service below 5% of overall spending
  • Invest in education and local food and energy to keep our dollars and workers here in Maine

4. Strong Families and Communities
Protecting consumers, workers and families

  • Guarantee public health and basic consumer protections
  • Ensure full and equal rights and treatment under law
  • Educate and empower our most vulnerable citizens

5. A Healthy Natural Heritage
Preserving quality of life and access to healthy woods and clean waters

  • Mitigate and adapt to the looming crisis of climate disruption
  • Reward corporate and residential stewardship of shared resources
  • Protect our rights to clean air, land and water