Richmond Rte. 197 Closed August 6th-10th

Starting August 6th and lasting up to five days, Route 197 will be closed to traffic in order to allow the total replacement of a major culvert, just past the Shucks/Hodgeton Yachts building. If you use Route 197 in your daily commute, you will want to begin planning now for your alternate route.

Senator Seth Goodall and I have long advocated for greater attention to the condition of our transportation infrastructure in this area. While the future of transportation funding looks uncertain due to the repeal of gas tax indexing and the decision of this Governor not to issue voter-approved bonds, I am pleased that work is being done to 197, 201 and the planned replacement of the Richmond-Dresden bridge. Senator Goodall and I will continue to work with the Legislature and Governor to further these and other needed projects and to create local jobs in the process.