Take Action

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Write A Letter

Writing a letter to the editor or elected official is an effective way to express concern and inspire change.  Studies show that aside from the first page of a newspaper, the editorial page and letters to the editor are the most widely read. This page is designed to help you complete this task by walking you through a series of steps.  You may also want to read this “Tips On Writing Letters” article before you begin. Click Here.

1. Gather Facts & Draft Message

Besides your own sources, there are several places throughout this website that describe what is going on in local, state and national politics.  Make sure your facts will stand up to scrutiny – and remember that less is more!


2. Compose & Submit Your Letter

Click Here To Select A Letter Recipient. From the list choose who you would like to send a letter to. Your mail program should automatically open. The recipient’s email address as well as the subject will automatically be included in the email. Begin writing!  If you would like me to have a copy of your letter for possible inclusion in this website, cc me at seth@sethberry.org.


3. Follow Through!

After you have submitted your email, keep tabs on what happens next. Check to see if it has been published. Check your emails frequently. Sometimes someone may contact you for some editing changes. Also, continue to follow the discussion thread. Often someone will respond to your letter with one of their own which opens up a dialogue.  Also, consider sharing your letter on Facebook, Twitter or another social network.

Keep expressing yourself.  For all the messiness of democracy, it is the best system there is.  Thanks for sharing your ideas!